Jersey Boys

June 20, 20145 min


Hollywood has had a love affair with Broadway since the early sixties. Just like all love affairs there are the ones that you remember and of course there are the ones you would love to forget. Unfortunately the ones you want to forget far outweigh the memorable ones, but like everything in life it is all about the numbers and Hollywood isn’t giving up yet.


The latest entry to try and capture the magic of the stage on the big screen is “Jersey Boys” .This is the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons and the music that defined a generation. Frankie (John Lloyd Young) is a boy from Jersey, who has a voice that most who meet him, believe the whole world will hear. Frankie’s best friend is Tommy DeVito (Vincent Piazza) he’s one of those kids who always seems to be in trouble, but knowing the future Frankie could have, he does his best to try and keep him out of it. Frankie along with Tommy and their friend Nick (Michael Lomenda) form a group, but something is missing. They find that missing piece when they are introduced to Bob Gaudio (Erich Bergen), who is the man who writes the songs that would become the hits for The Four Seasons. Their lives all take off as they release hit after hit, only to be brought back to earth with Tommy’s troubles. It’s the story of fame and loyalty and the places they can take you.


There is no denying the music of The Four Seasons, pretty much everyone knows at least one of their songs. While the music is amazing as well as the performers performing them, the film falls flat with its drama. It is not so much with the band member’s lives, but the drama that takes place just feels like an afterthought. Music can be shaped by all your triumphs and failures, and the film doesn’t really make you feel like that happened. Once you get past the flat spots in the film, it is hard not to enjoy every time a song breaks out and you are reminded how music can make you feel.  The film is directed by Clint Eastwood, who keeps your interest with quick cuts and camera movement, doing his best to keep the film going. “Jersey Boys” is not a bad movie at all, and is quite entertaining most of the time, and when it does start to drop in quality, a musical number comes on and lifts it back up. It is easy to see why it has been such a long lasting hit on the Broadway. For a certain generation this film will make you feel great, taking you back to a different time, as for the younger generation, it is well worth the watch, to see the once true magic of music.




Brian Taylor


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