Gone Girl

October 3, 20145 min

During the last twenty years David Fincher has entertained us with a wide range of films. As of late it seems he has been turning a lot of popular novels into movies. With films like “Fight Club”, “Zodiac”, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and “The Social Network” already getting the “Fincher” treatment, you know he would be on the look out for that next book that fit his tone. Gillian Flynn’s bestselling book “Gone Girl” seems to have popped on his radar, which leaves the question to what will it be something that translates well from page to screen?

Nick (Ben Affleck) and Amy (Rosamund Pike) have the perfect marriage. Having met at a party after Nick wooed Amy with a wit so clever, you would think no human is that good, except maybe Affleck. We see the bliss that is the beginning of their relationship from a journal that Amy has kept, but that same journal also gives a peek into the difficulties in their marriage as well. After meeting and living in New York City, Amy and Nick are forced to move back to Nick’s hometown when his mother becomes ill. They both lose their jobs, and soon they lose Nick’s mother, which further adds to the stress of their relationship. All may not be well, and just when you think it couldn’t get worse, something happens that will change everything.

Knowing you have a good mystery and dark story, there really is no one better to direct this film than David Fincher. There is something about the way Fincher lights his movies that just seem to lend itself to a movie like this. With his signature flashlights-in-the-dark shots and moody music. With a story like Gone Girl that most directors would jump at a chance to make. Gillian Flynn got the guy who would be suited to bring her book to life. Those familiar with the book know that the story, while different in its take, takes on the horrors of domesticity, a premise that has been a go to for movies since the beginning. To the more current media circus that can occur during a missing person case.  This is a non-spoiler zone, so with not wanting to give anything away. Fresh off “Argo” and bulking up to play the Cape Crusader, Affleck slides into playing the grieving husband over his missing wife easily, that missing wife played by Rosamund Pike is the diamond that shines the brightest in a movie with good performances all the way around. With Neil Patrick Harris and what is sure to be Tyler Perry’s best work ever on screen, it is hard not to appreciate the acting. This film is the perfect date night movie, because unlike most films, this is one that both will enjoy, and the two plus hour running time zooms by. I enjoyed this film, but as I left my only thought was as good as the title is, I somehow felt that “Chasing Amy” might have been better.


Brian Taylor

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