3 Still Standing

November 13, 20142 min

In the 1980’s, San Francisco was the hottest place to be for a comedian. With names like Robin Williams and Dana Carvey, there was no better place to be a stand-up comedian in. Everyone was a success, including three, who like Carvey and Williams seemed destined for greater things. Their names were Johnny Steele, Larry “Bubbles” Brown, and Will Durst. When the comedy boom crashed, most comedians gave up, but these three carried on and found a way to still keep the laughs coming today.

“3 Still Standing” is a fun documentary on the middleman comic, and the life they lead to make a living. For every comedian that gets their own TV show, there are a hundred more who are working the club circuit and trying to get their break as well. Directors Robert Campos and Donna LoCicero use current and archive footage to show the laughs these three have been bringing for the last forty years. You also get to see how they have had to reinvent themselves to stay relevant and tried new things. So if you love stand-up comedy and appreciate it for the art that it is, then this is the movie for you. Because for these three guys, a funny thing happened on the way to the big time.

Brian Taylor

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