Nightfall In India

November 13, 20143 min

Ricardo (Juan Diego) is no longer able to care for himself because he is handicapped. His life wasn’t always that way though, as he recalls his younger days traveling throughout India with the love of his life. Nowadays Ricardo is an unhappy human being and pushes everyone away  in order to stay closed off to the world. The only one he can’t seem to run off is a lady named Dana (Clara Voda) he sticks with him no matter what he does. Ricardo knows he does not have much time and wants to travel back to India, where he wants to end his life. Reluctantly Ricardo takes Dana with him, and together they take a journey that helps them rediscover who they are and what they mean to each other.

While “Nightfall In India” has a lot of the typical road trip movie troupes, it is the relationships that set it apart. While you don’t really care about the two main characters at first, by the end of the movie you want good things to happen to them. Juan Diego is excellent as Ricardo, taking you from hating, to understanding him, while Voda, plays Dana’s mysterious past with her son very well. While there are lots of things to like about this movie, there are a few things that don’t work. The screenplay written by Pablo Burgues, David Planell, and Chema Rodriguez, who also directs the film, feels longer then it really is, and has parts that you could do without. Overall “Nightfall In India” is a enjoyable film that shows that the journey itself is as important as the arrival.


Brian Taylor


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