One Eyed Girl

November 13, 20142 min

Travis (Mark Leonard Winter) is a psychiatrist who is haunted by a patient who he could not help. After that patient’s death Travis has a nervous break down, only to be rescued by a group. That group led by Father Jay (Steve Le Marquand) land on a isolated farm, where they as a group reject normal life. It doesn’t take Travis long to realize that he is in a cult-like setting, but soon falls deeper and deeper into it. While in this group Travis meets Grace (Tida Cobham-Hervey) a mysterious teenage girl, who he befriends. After things go really wrong, Travis must find a way to save Grace in order to redeem his soul.

“ One Eyed Girl” is billed as a thriller, but even the filmmakers are not quite sure what to make of it. With its slow boil the movie has a snowball effect, and gets better as the story moves along. Writers Craig Behenna and Nick Matthews, who also directed, give you a view into the world of cults and how someone could so easily fall into them. While their aim was to promote thrills, they only succeed in the films final act. “One Eyed Girl” fails to reach its potential, but still succeeds in giving us an average thriller, and that is sometimes is enough.


Brian Taylor

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