The History of Time Travel

November 13, 20142 min

What would happen if man had invented the ability to travel though time? That is what the fictional documentary “The History of Time Travel” explores. Richard Page (Ben Everett) works for the government on the Indiana Project, a project that is a race to build a time machine. Richard does nothing but work on his project, while leaving his young son and his wife Anne (Elizabeth Lestina) alone at home. When Anne passes away from an illness, it sets off a chain of events that will change history.

Using the form of the fictional documentary was a new way to tackle a story idea done well so many times before with this tricky subject, and it works great. The joy in watching the film is watching as things change as time travel is used to change events in the past. It seems like everyone is aware of what is going on, but at the same time not at all. Writer and director Ricky Kennedy really does a fine job of bringing something fresh and at time funny that most people will enjoy. Kennedy himself sites time travel films of the past as inspiration, one can only hope that someone like Kennedy can inspire the next generation of time travel filmmakers.


Brian Taylor

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