The Babadook

December 5, 20144 min

“ You can’t get rid of the Babadook” It seems The Babadook has a lot in common with bad horror movies, it seems you can’t get rid of either of them. In a world were found footage films have hopefully ran their course (though probably not), the stage is set for something new to scare its way into our lives. What is a Babadook you might ask? Well besides a fantastic word to say out loud, The Babadook is a kind of boogeyman, or maybe even The Boogeyman and he is someone you do not want to invite in. Though this is one movie that you should absolutely invite into your home.

Ameila (Essie Davis) is having a hard time getting over her husband’s death. You see Ameila’s husband died the night that her son Samuel (Noah Wiseman) was born, and for that, Samuel has difficulties blending in with everyone else. It is because of those difficulties that Ameila must remove Samuel from school, and while home she reads Samuel a book called the Mr. Babadook, a story the heeds warning of inviting him in, because once you do, you can never get rid of him. Samuel though is prepared to protect his mother, and has even built weapons for it. When strage things start to happen Samuel and his mother must decide if what they are witnessing is real, or the product of their situation.

This is not your typical scream-as-loud as you can horror movie, no this one is different. It shares some familiar troupes even the creepy rhyme like in the Freddy Kruger movies. But the major focus is on the relationship between a mother and her son. Writer and Director Jennifer Kent uses the things that most people have feared at some point in heir life, those noises in an empty house, and of course the monster under the bed and makes you believe lions are not the only things that live in your wardrobe closet. These things maybe don’t scare as much as they do hold your attention, especially if you are watching it in a dark room. As much of a refreshing feeling the movie gives you for the future of horror movies, the real gem of this film is the performances by Davis and Wiseman, who portray the perfect parent and child relationship. “The Babadook” begs to be watched, and you will be glad you did, just remember if you do hear noises under your bed at night, whatever you do don’t let him in.


Brian Taylor

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