True Story

April 17, 20154 min

Sometimes the truth isn’t believable. But that doesn’t mean it’s not true” If you were going to have one sentence describe a film with the title “True Story” that might be the perfect one. Some people would make the augment that some stories should not be told, but doesn’t every story have an audience? This is a subject “True Story” approaches, as it tells the story of Christian Longo and Michael Finkle and their unique relationship.

Michael Finkle (Jonah Hill) is living the life as a reporter for the New York Times. After getting the cover for the tenth time Finkle is on top of the world that is until it is found out he lied in his story and he is let go for The Times. Meanwhile on the other side of the country Christian Longo (James Franco) has committed a horrendous crime and has escaped to Mexico where when he is captured he gives his name as Michael Finkle. These men’s two lives don’t just share a name; they share a lot more then that. When Finkle is made aware of Longo using his name when he was arrested Finkle starts investigating the case and seeing the story there wants to sit down and talk to Longo. Soon Finkle is having weekly visits with Longo, as Longo gains Finkle’s trust and friendship as both men try to repair what people think of them.

When it comes to dramas both Franco and Hill have excelled in roles that were given to them, with Hill receiving an Academy Award nomination for his performance in “Moneyball”. Franco has the charisma to switch from comedy to drama pretty easily, while Hill because of his comedy style his pace looks the same no matter if he is doing comedy or if he is playing it straight. In “True Story” both Hill and Franco bring their drama “A” game and help the screenplay written by David Kajganich and Director Rupert Goold come to life. While the story has you questioning what happened and who did what, the film is taken from good to very good because of the direction of Goold. With his vision, he really completes this film. While the story has enough turns to make you question what happened, if Franco wasn’t there and didn’t add the doubt of the truth, the film would not be the same. “True Story” is a very good movie, it has great acting and a engrossing story brought to life by the perfect vision. So sit back and relax and let “True Story” take you on its twisty turn ride.


Brian Taylor

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