Pitch Perfect 2

May 15, 20155 min

Too often when a surprise hit comes out of nowhere everyone trips over themselves to try and make the next one bigger, faster, and stronger. In 2012 no one could predict the joy that was “Pitch Perfect”, a movie that every time it comes on you have to sit through it, because repeat viewings does not lessen its charm. Being the hit it was, no one was surprised when they announced a part two, the only thought was, how will the filmmakers recapture the fun of the original? The first thing you can do is dance with the girl you came with, and in this case all the girls, if you do that, everything is on the right path, the only question is, can they walk that line that made everything work the first time around, the answer to that is a resounding yes!

It’s been three years since the Bellas won their first National Acapella Championship, and after collecting two more they are on top of the world. Everything is so good, that they even get to perform for the President on his birthday, where they give him a sight you won’t soon forget. After the large mess they caused, the Bellas are told they cannot perform anymore, that is unless they can win the international competition, something no American team has ever done. The only thing standing in their way is a German super group called “Das Music Machine” and also finding the stuff that made them so great before.

It’s going to be tough that I don’t trip over my affection for this movie, because you don’t see something like this often, a sequel as good if not better than the original. Screenwriter Kay Cannon amps up just the right stuff, like adding the right characters, and adding more Rebel Wilson, who as Fat Amy provides most of the humor in a movie with plenty of laughs. Add the charm and talents of Anna Kendrick, and a sound track that makes you want to sing along, and you have a winner, again. Also returning and bringing back memories of the two old guys who sat in the balcony during the “Muppet Show”, John Michael Higgins and Elizabeth Banks provide the perfect commentary, leaving no subject immune to their banter. Not only does Banks perform on the screen; she also steps behind the camera and does an A-ca-mazing job at directing. With great music, new and old, and a talented cast that can deliver every note, I dare you not to a least want to hum along. I know that after all the things I just said, you may find this hard to believe, but I really enjoyed every second of this film and commend everyone involved in the making of it. Too often everyone thinks you need to take something great and make it better. I am not one of those people, I believe if it is already great, you should just leave things they way they are. It seems the makers of “Pitch Perfect 2” agrees with me because this film is fun and really kind of A-ca-unbelievable .


Brian Taylor

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