‘Entourage’ feels like three bad episodes in a row

June 3, 20155 min

When “Entourage” was introduced back in the day, it had a fresh feeling to it and showed  another side of film production and the hyperbolic lives of movie stars. At first I thought the show was a big ‘show off’. Kinda like rap artists who rap about how much money, cars and clothes they have. And actually, it really is just that. However self-serving the series was it still managed to be fun, hilarious and gained a large following.

From 04 to 2011, we got to spend time with the guys and had almost every possible known situation in a faux movie stars life thrown at us. The show was produced by Mark Wahlberg to illustrate the real life experience he had when he became famous. Wahlberg has a real version of everyone in the entourage group. Even the one based on Johnny Drama.

I was a fan of the show and have been guilty of replaying random episodes and giving it the re-watch treatment.

Usually I don’t go into my personal history with a show or a movie but in this case it is necessary to emphasize a larger point. That point being yes, I loved the show but no the movie is not good at all. Yes, I am a fan, but no this movie shouldn’t have been made.

The film finds the guys where the series left off. Turtle has made tons of money, Eric is separated from Sloan, Johnny Drama is finally headed in the direction of getting some big recognition in Hollywood and Vince is starring in and directing his first feature.

The re-introduction feels fake somehow after four years. I know that doesn’t seem that long of a wait but in this case everything feels dated and half thought-out.

The real let down of “Entourage” is how the brotherly love that these guys had for each other in the series is cheapened on the big screen. A lot of the heart that made you root for these guys is simply not there.

The most superfluous aspect of “Entourage” surprisingly isn’t the nude ladies or the lavish houses and automobiles. It is the overdose of cameos. I honestly think that if they were to have cut out all the useless cameos, the movie runtime might have been twenty minutes shorter. Not only do the cameos not matter, but all of them (and I do mean all of them) feel completely out of place. I mean, an Andrew Dice Clay cameo?

The best parts of the movie are spent with Ari Gold. Jeremy Piven still has a handle on this character and still brings life and humor into the sharp-tongued producer, but even Piven alone can’t save this one.

The situations that the “Entourage” puts its characters in, feel like they are regurgitated version of earlier better scenarios from seasons past.

This isn’t for fans or new comers. If you liked the series just go and buy the seasons. Re-live them and check out some of the commentary on the discs. That option is a far more entertaining and rewarding experience than checking this one out.

Trey Hilburn III

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