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June 23, 2015652 min

When you think of your favorite movies, I bet more often then not the film’s theme plays through your mind. For the last forty years there has been composers that have provided the scores that have made you scared, or laughed, and even made you cry. With names like Williams, Zimmer, Elfman, and Horner, it is hard not to hear one of their themes and not think of the movie it is from. Well, today we lost one of those greats as James Horner passed away after a plane crash. While the name might not right a bell right away, if you have seen films like “Aliens”, “Bravehart”, “Apollo 13”, and of course “Titanic”.

Horner’s scores have been some of my favorites, from the theme of “Bravehart”, to the score for the film “Glory”, but for me the one that I still play in my head to this day is his score from “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan”. It’s a sad day for movie lovers everywhere, for the world lost one of the great film composers of all time.



James Horner August 14th 1953 – June 22nd 2015


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