Back to the Future 30th Anniversary

July 4, 20154695 min

“ Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads” Now while the normal thing to thank about when you hear someone say that to you is to think that you are about to go off-roading, that wouldn’t be the case in a movie about a DeLorean that can travel in time. In the summer of 1985 we were introduced to a story about time travel, and what could happen if your mom ended up having the hot’s for you, and how trying to save a clock tower could provide you with everything you would need to get home. While that may not sound like the makings of a classic movie, then my friend you would be wrong.

What makes a classic movie you might ask; well for one it is one that has stood the test of time, and thirty years later “Back to the Future “ is still as meaningful as ever. The story is simple, you have a boy named Marty (Michael J Fox) who’s life kind of haves no direction. He plays in a band, has a pretty girlfriend named Jennifer (Claudia Wells) and a kooky best friend named Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd). Life is good for Marty in his eyes, and all he is looking forward to is a weekend at the lake with his girl, but before that trip, Doc ask him to meet him somewhere with something from his house. Marty does what he ask and discovers he turned a DeLorean into a time machine, something that will change Marty’s and Doc’s life forever.

Just for the record if you have not seen “Back to the Future”, what is wrong with you, and now that you know it is such a classic run and watch it as soon as you can. For those who have seen it the question is, how many times have you hoped by hitting 88 miles per hour in your car, you would be able to travel back in time. “Back to the Future” was the perfect storm of the right actors, the right filmmakers, and the right story, that made it what it was and it became. When you watch the movie, you can’t see anyone else is any of the roles, which to me is all the validation you need for a movie when it comes to acting. There are not many movies in my life that hold such a special place in my movie heart that this film has. For me movies you love are like a stamp on the passport of life, and every time you see them they take you back to that time place. Of course the film spawned two sequels and made Michael J Fox the biggest star in the world, not bad for a movie about time travel.

Today is the 30th anniversary of this classic movie. A lot of things have changes since it’s release, but one thing that hasn’t’ is the pure enjoyment watching this movie brings. So sit back and go back in time, and watch the movie that was heavy in the entertainment it brought, and just made you feel good.



Brian Taylor



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