October 2, 20154 min

“ You ask how the watch is made. Keep your eye on the time” The last five years for director David Villeneuva have been good. After having his film “Incendies” nominated for an Oscar in 2011, he followed that up with “Prisoners” and “Enemy”, both of which were very well received. With success like that, the eyes start to focus more on what he would do next, and for Villeneuva it looks like he has chosen well with his latest film “Sicario”.

In it Agent Macer (Emily Blunt) is part of a kidnap recovery team for the F.B.I. During her latest recovery her team makes a gruesome discovery that catches eyes higher up the command structure. That brings Matt Graver (Josh Brolin) into the picture, as he requests the addition of Macer to his team, a team that has a mission that is not so clear. They are joined by a man names Alejandro (Benicio Del Toro) as they head across the border to retrieve a man who will help them get what they want. Along the way Macer’s moral turpitude will be tested, as she must make choices that are meant to be for the greater good, even is she can’t see the full picture.
I always believe the secret to making a good movie, is to surround yourself with the right people. In the case of Villeneuva, that seems to be the case. This time he is supported by stand out performances by both Blunt and Del Toro, the later showing why he won an Oscar already. Add Brolin, a killer sound track by Johann Johannsson plus cinematographer Roger Deakins, and you have everything you need. With strong performances, and Villeneuva choices on how the film is presented, you have a really entertaining film. Where the film falters a little is in the character development, as some don’t feel as fleshed out enough, and where one in particular has good intentions, his story feels a little forced. While the story by Taylor Sharidan is not the best part, it still is good enough to make this a solid film. “Sicario” means hit man in Spanish, which puts the story right in the title. The question is will “Sicario” be a hit with audiences? Well take it for me, this film is right on target.

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