Eddie the Eagle

February 25, 20165 min

Everyone loves a “feel good” movie, because well it makes you feel good. Combine that with a story of the underdog,  and who doesn’t want to see that movie. While the “real life” stories can be great, there always has to be some added story elements to amp up the dramatic parts. With all that said, raise your hand if you know who Eddie Edwards is? Since you are reading this and I can’t see through your computer I am going to say most of you are. Well today is your lucky day, because you are going to hear his story, and you are going to like it.

Eddie Edwards (Taron Egerton) has always wanted to be an Olympic athlete, but he wasn’t really Olympic material. He searched and searched for that sport he would be good at, only to never find it, that was until he discovered downhill skiing. Thinking he found his niche and a way to the Olympics, he is pretty disappointed when he doesn’t make the team. While Eddie has been knocked down often, he has never given up and decides the ski jump is his golden ticket; there is just one problem, it that he has never done it. Bu seeing as how that never stopped him before, why quit now? So Eddie is off to learn how to ski jump no matter what it takes. While attempting to jump he meets Bronson Peary (Hugh Jackman) who was once an amazing jumper who was sidelined by a fast life. Together they will do the impossible and get Eddie to the 1988 Winter Olympics.

I love the story of the underdog, which I think traces back to my love of “The Bad News Bears.” With “Eddie the Eagle” the time this story takes place is a big part in the telling. The filmmakers give the flim a true “eighties” feel, from the look all the way to the score. Written by Sean Macaulay and Simon Kelton, they tell the perfect story about someone who no matter how many times he got knocked down, he always manages to get back up, much like a famous Italian boxer. Add the feel Director Dexter Fletcher gives the film and it’s a winning combination. This movie just makes you feel good about life after one viewing. Both Jackman and Egerton are great in their roles, and we even get a Christopher Walken appearance as Jackman’s old coach. With keeping within the movies spirit, I have nothing bad to say about this movie. I really enjoyed “Eddie the Eagle”, and I know this is one of those films I will want to watch again, because of the enjoyment it gives. I will always love the underdog story, but I don’t always love everyone I hear. With this one, you will definitely feel your heart soar to fantastic new heights.

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