The Angry Birds Movie

May 20, 20165 min

“ We’re going be working managing our anger through movement”
It seems like yesterday that everyone was staring at his or her phones and with the flick of a finger throwing some birds to knock down unstable structures, and weirdly killing some pigs in the process. Yes I know that is a pretty crude explanation of The Angry Birds game, but I am sure you knew what I was talking about and didn’t need it explained anyway. Whenever something is that popular there is a good chance a movie is going to be written about it, and guess what it was, just a few years after the game’s popularly. While the game may feel late to the party, it doesn’t mean everything about it is late, in fact it is pretty entertaining.

Red (Jason Sudeikis) is a little angry at life, of course in a movie called “angry birds” you would think someone was angry. Red it seems doesn’t really like his fellow birds and all their happiness, so much so he even moved away from them all. While his house is on the beach, he is all alone, which in Red’s eyes is perfect. After an incident Red is sentenced to anger management, where he meets Chuck (Josh Gad), as bird who feels the need for speed, and Bomb (Danny McBride), I am sure I don’t have to tell you what his problem is. Everything is moving along when a boat with a few pigs shows up claiming to be friends. They soon introduce the birds to things like trampolines, slingshots, and a whole lot of fun. While everyone else is blind to the real reason for the pig’s visit, Red does some poking around and finds they are up to no good. When Red is indeed right, he gathers the village and they go to find the pigs, where it will take everyone to save them.

Auguring the lateness of this movie as in how relevant The Angry Birds are now is a pretty mute point. Lots of kids played that game, as well as adults and will see it because it is something they know. Like most animated movies the majority of it is for kids, with more than a few jokes that only the parents will catch (A Shinning joke anyone?). Written by Jon Vitti, there was more then a few laugh out loud moments in the movie, including one involving a lake that is pretty good. While its all fun and games on the screen, the real thing to watch for is the introduction of Rovio Entertainment to the animated world, because this movie looks fantastic. Looks though can only get you so far, and while there are some good jokes, there are some also slow time, for adults that is. Though the negative is not enough to stop these birds from soaring, as it has enough good moments to make this film quite entertaining. So dust off your Angry Birds t-shirts and take the family to the theater, as no fingers are needed to enjoy this one.

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