Neighbors 2 :Sorority Rising

May 20, 20165 min

“Hey, neighbors. Let’s shut this shit down.”

Early in our lives we are taught that we should love thy neighbor, but not to covet thy neighbors wife, or something. When I was growing up every day I had a guy telling me what a beautiful day in the neighborhood it was and asking me to be his friend. Nowadays it seems we can’t build our walls or fences high enough, you just want neighbors who won’t make your property values go down. For a minute think about what would be worst-case scenario for next-door neighbors and I bet you Fraternity is pretty high, but what about a Sorority?

A few years ago Mac (Seth Rogen) and Kelly (Rose) had that worst-case scenario as a Fraternity moved in next to them and disrupted their quiet life. After a war, Seth and Kelly were able to get the frat shut down and settle back into their happy home life. Now they are ready to sell their home and the moment it hits escrow, a sorority decides to move in. Led by Shelby (Chloe Grace Moretz), the house was formed so that they, like the guy said, could party and not just like its 1999. The girls have help though, as Teddy (Zac Efron) has been looking for meaning in life and has found it in Cappa Nu, as he takes them under his wing, to show them the way. Helping the girls find their way is not the only reason Teddy is helping, as he sees it as a way to get back as Mac and Kelly for shutting down the best part of his life. It doesn’t take long for the girls to part ways with Teddy, in which he goes to play for the other team and that’s when the fun really begins.

Following up a successful comedy can be a tricky. The reasons are simple enough; too often they repeat the jokes that worked so well the first time. Well with “Neighbors 2”, that happens, as very little new funny is offered. While Rogan is his usual self, both Byrne and Efron actually step up their game and are funnier than they were in the first. With that said you would think this would be better, but the three main characters are not enough to make up for the sorority. With the original, there was a ying to a yang as the frat was able hold its own in the comedy department, with the second offering the laughs only come from one side as the sorority offers nothing in the comedic department. Sure the film has its moments, just not enough to keep you entertained. If you enjoyed the first one you will probably enjoy this one as well, even though it is a lesser version of the original.

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