Star Trek Beyond

July 21, 20165 min

“ This is where it begins, Captain. This is where the frontier pushes back!”

Few things make me happier then seeing the Starship Enterprise on the big screen. While there have been some rocky flights I still have always been a willing passenger on their mission to explore strange new worlds. When J. J. Abrams re-launched the franchise for this generation, I got on board completely and have looked forward to the adventures that lie ahead. After losing a little momentum because of a story choice on the last film, Abrams has slid into the producing chair and let someone else take the helm to help steer a new corse for “Star Trek Beyond”.

We pick up with the crew in year three of their five-year mission, and space travel has caused a little wear and tear. While the ship is holding up just fine, the crew, especially Kirk (Chris Pine) is starting to feel a little lost. A stop at a new space city for a little retooling comes at a perfect time, but their R&R doesn’t last long as the Enterprise is once again the only ship that can attempt a dangerous rescue mission. Soon they are the ones needing to be rescued as the Enterprise is attacked and they are left stranded. The crew knows little of their location and just as much of their adversary Krall (Idris Elba). Scotty (Simon Pegg) meets Jaylah(Sofia Boutella) who knows a thing or two about the crews newest enemy. After helping each other, Kirk, Spock (Zachary Quinto), McCoy (Karl Urban) with the help of Jaylah try and rescue their crewmates and save the Federation in the process as well.

With Abrams off directing a different ‘Star’ move at the time, the keys were given to Justin Lin (Fast Five), which, spoke well for the action potential of this film. With that part covered all it would take is to find the right writer, something they did in Doug Jung and Simon Pegg. It is this combo of writer and director that righted the ship and gave the right mixture of fun and flashy that the film needed. Having to live up to two crews from previous “Star Trek” movie franchises, this crew has been etching their name in the “Star Trek” lore, and this film only will add to that. With no series currently on television, something changing this year, this movie feels more like a long episode then an actual feature, which in some ways very fitting. There is very little not to like, other then wanting more Idris Elba and not to have seen it in 3D, because of the movement and the level of light is really the fun of the picture. Celebrating fifty years this year with new movie and television series, it is safe to say “Star Trek” is enjoying a good and long deserved run right now. If “Beyond” is preview of what is in store, I am fully engaged with whatever lies ahead, to boldly go wherever the franchise takes me next.

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