September 1, 20165 min

The quest to make a better human being has been going on as long well, humans have been around. When men started meddling in science and unlocking the secrets of the human body things started to accelerate. Soon we were running faster, jumping farther, and hitting more home runs than ever before. With the advances in science that come everyday it seems, you have to wonder what is next? Well the imagination has figured it all out, and if those stories are where we are headed as humans, we just might find ourselves expendable.

The quest for a genetically altered human is the central idea behind “Morgan”. An unnamed corporation has been dabbling in human genetics and after some failures has finally achieved their goal. That success is Morgan (Anya Taylor-Joy) a being that resembles a human female, but better in almost every way. After an episode with Kathy (Jennifer Jason Leigh), Morgan is isolated and a Risk Manager named Lee Weathers (Kate Mara) is brought in. While Weathers is there to assess the situation, Dr. Shapiro (Paul Giamatti) is brought in to evaluate Morgan. That was bad plan, as Dr. Shapiro’s line of question sets Morgan off, something that can complicated things even more. She is contained again, and the decision is made to terminate the experiment. But can they stop Morgan once she has set her mind to escaping?

“Morgan” was written by Seth W, Owen, and directed by Luke Scott with an an interesting idea of what it wants to be. With a steller cast lead by Mara, but also includes the above mentioned actors along with Michelle Yeoh, Toby Jones, and Brian Cox. With a cast that resembles the eighty-six Mets lineup you would think straight to the top for this movie. Instead of winning the World Series like that Mets team did, this film struggles to even get through the bases. “Morgan” feels like it is trying too hard to be like “Ex Machina”, it never achieves something of its own. The story feels uninspired, and besides Giamatti’s scene there is barley anything worth remembering. While the final run time for the film hovers around an hour and a half, you walk out feeling like you were in there for much longer. The film also seems to foreshadow the few turns it does takes, not even hiding its true ideas. I wanted to enjoy this movie, but from the opening scene I knew it was going to be tough. There are people out there who think that man should not play God when it comes to the human body. While I am all for the advancement of the human race, this is one movie I can’t get behind at all.

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