John Wick: Chapter 2

February 9, 20175 min

The making of a sequel can be a tough task no matter the genre, but making one for a movie that was not intended to be a huge blockbuster setting up a potential franchise, well that’s even tougher. I can go down the list of disappointments, but I feel the world needs more positive thoughts. So my plan is to get you as excited to see this film as I was. If you don’t remember the first chapter in this story, I am going to sum it up for you. Man loses dog, and then he makes everyone pay for it. While the story is simple, it was the only thing that ended up being simple about “John Wick”.

Now we pick up with John (Keanu Reeves) finishing up and trying to return back to the quite life he knew. The thing is that just when you think you are out, they pull you back in. The pulling comes in the form of a marker that Santino D’Antonio (Ricardo Scamarcio) possess, and he has come to collect on. No request is simple in this world and the one Scamarcio asks is not one John wants to do. Given no choice he follows through, but when he is double crossed the body count will rise as Wick won’t stop until he gets he revenge.

Wick’s world is filled with violence, but also civility. It’s often feels like Wick is asking someone if he could please kill them. Sure Chapter 2 followed sequel “101”, that being bigger action set pieces, and a higher body count. While is follows those rules, it completely avoids the traps most sequels fall into and delivers just as good, if not and even better film than the original. Once you get past the sheer violence you can see what John Wick really is, a ballet with guns. The choreography involved in every action scene is purely incredible, including a sequence that takes place in a house of mirrors setting. It took a director who used to be a stunt man in Chad Stahelski to put it all together, and boy does he. Stahelski isn’t the only one returning, as writer Derek Kolstad does as well, as he reminds us the power of the pencil.

“John Wick: Chapter 2” is pure bonkers in such a great way, and takes you on a fun ride as it gives you everything you loved about the first one and just adds more to that. It seems Reeves has once again created a character that you just can’t get enough of seeing him do which already adds to an impressive list. I for one can’t wait for Chapter 3 thru however long they want to go. For there is nothing not to like about this movie, great action, good story, and no animals were harmed this time. So grab some friends and head to a ballet with a kill count and start counting the days til chapter 3.

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