March 24, 20175 min

Before I sat down to see Woody Harrelson’s new film “Wilson” I tried to come up with famous movie Wilsons. Didn’t take long as I could only come up with Wade Wilson and Wilson the Volleyball. With such a short list and knowing who my number one is, the volleyball of course, I was looking forward to see where this Wilson would end up on this prestigious list. Being a fan Daniel Clowes’s “Ghost World” my thoughts were that this might become number one with a bullet.

If you are wondering who Wilson is, let me shed some light on that. Wilson (Woody Harrelson) is a middle age man whose only companion is a dog-named Pepper. While he may think he is a people person, his brutal honesty is often too much to handle for most people. While the world has progressed, Wilson has stayed still, letting the world pass him by as he longs for manners of yesterday. When his only friend moves away, Wilson decides to look up his ex, the one who left him while she was pregnant with his child. After he manages to track her down, he finds out that Pippi (Laura Dern) had the child and gave it up for adoption. Finding new purpose in his life, Wilson attempts to track down the daughter he never knew and in doing so his life takes him in a direction that changes his whole world view.

Like the character himself, “Wilson” the movie can also be an acquired taste. The film is not without its humor as listening to Wilson’s description’s of life provides that. The problem is the thing that makes the film works also keeps it down. For every moment that is funny, there are two that are not. It kind of feels like a writers room where jokes are being tossed around, but not only do the ones that work stay in but also the ones that don’t work keep their place. Harrelson almost feels too perfect for the role, as you could actually see him being like Wilson if you didn’t know better. “Wilson” still finds a way to be overall entertaining, as the good parts out weigh the bad and Harrelson makes you root for Wilson to find a little light of happiness in his life. In the end “Wilson” is one of those perfectly fine films that come out during the year. You know, the ones you enjoy just enough or don’t hate that you see over the course of a year. The end result puts this “Wilson” behind the other two on the list of Wilsons. On a side note, I wrote the name Wilson almost 20 times in this review. Just didn’t want my readers to forget the title…Wilson. Bam! 20.

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