Transformers: The Last Knight

June 20, 20175 min

As I have gotten older I have found that nostalgia makes most things better. As a kid I would spend many a afternoons glues in front of the TV as I watched Autobots and Decepticions fight it out on the small screen. I mean nothing really happened because they were both bad shots but hey, the good guys usually won, because you know they were good. After an animated movie in 1986 where shit got real, the franchise went the way of most action figures, in a box in someone’s attic. There they remained until a man named Michael Bay found that box and decided these action figures needed a new paint job, a modern upgrade…and ‘splosions!.

With 2007’s “Transformers” the Bay-version of these beloved robots in disguise was unleashed on us. While the first one was not my Transformers, it still was entertaining and I was good with its Spielberg touches . The next three movies things started to go downhill so bad to the point that I could have put on a better show with the action figures I had as a kid. So when things get bad what do you do? Well if you are Michael Bay you power through and keep making Transformer movies. With “The Last Knight” we get a history lesson on how they have been with us from the beginning. It seems they wrote history, as they aided the right side throughout history, but still remaining a secret. However the truth eventually comes out. It will take a cast of characters; both man and machine lead by a failed inventor named Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg), a man named Sir Edmund Burton (Anthony Hopkins), and the professor Vivian Wembley (Laura Haddock) to save the world again.

With a plot eerily familiar, as in the other four Transformer movies before it, at least you are in a place you know. Since Bay is not reinventing the wheel, and why would he, these movies have made more money than what’s in Scrooge McDuck’s money pit. As you picture Bay swimming around in his money I will tell you the good news, this one is definitely better than the last three films. Now I know that’s not a high bar to overcome, but it is a step up. While we get lots of things blowing up and plenty of destruction the story that goes along with it isn’t half bad. Where the movie’s weak points are in its predictable ending and Optimus Prime’s speech that concludes it. Not since the first film did I have this much fun, and even longer since I enjoyed a Michael Bay movie. Sure that isn’t a ringing endorsement but from where we have come from that is as good as it’s going to get. Transformers live by the notion that they are more than meets the eye. With Bay’s past examples that wasn’t nearly true, but with this one, you might be telling your friends to roll out to see these ‘bots…and the ‘splosions.

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