Girls Trip

July 20, 20175 min
Girls Trip (L to R) Ryan (REGINA HALL), Lisa (JADA PINKETT SMITH), Sasha (QUEEN LATIFAH) and Dina (TIFFANY HADDISH) Girl Trip Universal

Having reached the age I have, I know the feeling of longing for the years of my youth. It is during that time that friendships are forged over the stupid things you do after way too many drinks with nothing but a hula-hoop at your disposal, wait was that too much info? Having never finished college I missed out on forming those friendships, having to do it later in life instead. What I feel like I missed was those stories that you relive with your friends over the years and where at times you try to rekindle them. So now I think I can never have that trip with those friends, ones like we have seen in so many movies now, including the latest “Girls Trip”.

Since we already had a pretty ‘rough night’ earlier this year it was time for yet another perspective. Ryan (Regina Hall) is a successful writer, who together with her husband Stewart (Mike Colter) form one of those power couples. It is because of Ryan’s success that she is invited to be the keynote speaker for the Essence Festival and she thinks it is the perfect time to get the Flossy Posse back together again. While the name sounds like a really fun kind of dental floss, it is really the name of Ryan’s group of college friends. So the Flossy Posse rides again, with Sasha (Queen Latifah), Lisa (Jada Pinkett Smith), and Dina (Tiffany Haddish) mount up for another adventure. While the desire is still strong, life has taken this former posse to different places. That changes when they get back together and have to once again have each other’s back all while having fun and remembering why they became the Flossy Posse in the first place.

You would think that the group of friends going on a wild weekend once again might have played itself out, well you would be wrong. Just when I think I don’t need another ones of these movies I see another one and all I can think of is, more please. “Girls Trip” is no different as there were times I felt I might have peed my pants a little I was laughing so hard. With this and the films like it everyone has a part to play, with one character/actor there always meant to lead the way with the laughs. For “Girls Trip” that would be Haddish, who kills it throughout the movie, making it often hard to hear the next few words after her great delivery. While Haddish might get the most laughs there are plenty to go around from everyone. Laughs though are not the only emotion you get from watching this movie, as you will also get a little misty eyed at the few somber moments. The film falters some, as they slow everything down and make you feel the film might be a little too long. That hiccup though is not enough to erase the good time you will have with “Girls Trip” and quite honestly if they want to make more of these I will still check them out.

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