Kingsman: The Golden Circle

September 22, 20175 min

The art of making a sequel can be a daunting task. Where is so often the case that filmmakers tend to make things bigger and badder in which you get films like “Transformers” 2 thru 5. Sometimes though, some find a way not to screw up a good thing and deliver something better or at least on par with the first. It seems all you have to do it take the advice that has been given to you your whole life when you have something good, and that is “don’t screw it up”, which sounds simple enough.

You know someone who has taken that advice? Eggsy (Taron Egerton) who not only saved the world but also got the girl. Everything though is not tea and crumpets, as there is still danger in the world and it is up to men like Eggsy to keep us safe. Somehow he does just that and still manages to live a sort of normal life, normal that is if you take away all the cool gadgets. Not everyone likes the Kingsman, and they have a new enemy bent on a diabolical plot named Poppy (Julianne Moore), who has quite a plan for us all. After surviving the destruction of all things Kingsman, Eggsy and Merlin (Mark Strong) head to America to enlist the help of “The Statesman”, or Kingsman American style. Where as in England they were tailors, here the brew whiskey, and take cool code names like Tequila (Channing Tatum) and Whiskey (Pedro Pascal) all while being lead by Champagne (Jeff Bridges). It is with a little help from their new friends that Eggsy and a surprising alive Harry (Colin Firth) must once again save the world from impending doom, all while looking dapper, like a Kingsman should.

Now knowing this is a sequel this simple question is, “did they screw it up”? Well the simplest answer is, no. What made the first “Kingsman” work is it never seems to take itself seriously and ended up being a great send up of James Bond. Of course I am not talking about early Bond, I am referring more to the newer, more moody one. Matther Vaughn and Jane Goldman bring back all the goodness, while adding just the right amount of new to keep it entertaining. The toughest challenge would be finding someone to play the villain that would not be overshadowed by Sam Jackson, and with Moore they found that. Where Jackson was over the top, Moore keeps it grounded and kind of reminds you of your mom, but ya’ know, evil.

While the fun is still there, the bad CGI is also back, but bad CGI is not uncommon, especially when they do things like Vaughn does here. While “The Golden Circle” isn’t necessarily better then the first, it is very much on par with it, which for me is fine. So enjoy the perfect example of not messing it up and have the fun you expect with this gentelmenly film series.

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