September 23, 20173 min

There has long been a question on the exact nature of connection that identical twins may have. Like how much do they share in feelings and knowing what is happening to one another? Is it mental of physical? If you know anyone who is an identical twin some more than others seem to share some sort of connection that can’t be explained and in the new film “Rabbit” that connection is explored.

Maude (Adelaide Clemens) moved from her home in Australia to get as far away from her twin as she could. It wasn’t because she hated her twin but looking in the mirror and then turning around to see another mirror behind you in your twin was getting to be too much. While gone though, Cleo (also Clemens) goes missing and is presumed dead. Maude knows differently though as every time she sleeps she is given pieces to the puzzle to Cleo’s whereabouts. Finally having enough, Maude returns home to find her sister, but what she finds is a bigger mystery that will reveal the true connection her and her sister share and how it is unlike any other.

“Rabbit” may sound like a simple film on the surface, but it is so much deeper than that. Writer/Director Luke Shanahan delivers a look into the mysteries that identical twins seem to have. The story balances serenity and in your face moments that fit the story so very well. The cast lead by Clemens, who plays two parts, is strong and continues the growing trend of good Australian films. “Rabbit” will not just let you watch, as it will leave you questioning the truth in what you saw and how much is the truth. There are many films you often have to try and catch because they might be harder to find. “Rabbit” is one of those films and one you should seek out if you are looking for a good thriller.

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