Anna and the Apocalypse

September 27, 20175395 min

There is a point in almost everything that you reach your limit and need a break. I think we have reached that point with zombies. After so many seasons of shows like The Walking Dead, and it’s ignored spin-off, I am starting to be over zombies. I get it; zombies are cool, but all that grunting and slow walking is tired and really kind of boring now. It takes a film like “Shaun of the Dead” to come around and put the genre on its head with something new and original and to be honest its time for something to do that again, enter “Anna and the Apocalypse” to save the undead.

Anna (Ella Hunt) is your typical teenage kid in so many ways. She has problems with her dad, has a friend in John (Malcom Cumming) who wants out of the “friends zone” and the too sure of himself ex in Nick (Ben Wiggins), sounds pretty normal to me. Life becomes more difficult when the population of the town Anna calls home all turn into Zombies. Anna, along with John, Steph (Sarah Swire) and Chris (Christopher Leveaux) must find a way to reunite with their loved ones. Along the way they will slay some Zombies and break out in song and dance, because duing a zombie apocalypse that is what you do. Zombies turn out not to be the only obstacle to their family reunion as Anna’s soon to be head master Savage (Paul Kaye) uses the situation to show his true ambitions. Together with her friends Anna must find away to survive a new take on the zombie genre.

If you missed my breaking out in song and dance comment, let me go ahead and put it on Front Street, this is a zombie apocalypse musical, three worlds you thought you would never hear together. While you might think this would not work, it works on so many levels you are sure to walk out humming a tune. The cast is great, but Ella Hunt, who you will be seeing a lot more of, talent like that doesn’t just grow on trees. The songs are original and catchy and at times you want to get out of your seat and sing and dance along. It’s like “High School Musical” was good, but with zombies. While the song and dance might set “Anna” apart from every other zombie movie, setting it at Christmas time assures you will add this to your must watch Christmas films list, along with “Home Alone” and “Die Hard”.

“Anna” is not only the best time you will have in a zombie flick for a while, it might be the best time you have this holiday season and many more. I am not going to lie; I have a special place in my heart for musicals but it’s because of movies like this that I feel that way. You to will feel that joy to the world of the walking dead just in time this year.

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