Tragedy Girls

October 20, 20175 min

Walking the line that is comedy/horror can be a tricky one. When you do it right and you get films like Scream or Shaun of the Dead it is worth all the Scary Movie 5’s you can throw at us. Since we are in the holy month of horror films, it is only fitting we would get three such films for our viewing pleasure. Having already gotten “Happy Death Day” and “The Babysitter” I guess you can say that they were saving the best for last with “Tragedy Girls”. Now the question you might be asking is why do you think it’s the best, well let me explain why.

Sadie (Brianna Hildebrand) and McKayla Hooper (Alexandra Shipp) have an obsession that is not very becoming of a lady. You see they are not all about the shopping or other things you might normally associate with girls their age, instead they are obsessed with death. Lucky for them there is a serial killer stalking their small town, but so far his antics are not getting the likes they want for their twitter page or web site. So Sadie and McKayla do what any not normal person would do to increase their traffic, they help the killer. Their plan is simple they set a trap for the killer and once he is captured they will carry out his work for him all while acting like his public relations and they talk him up on social media. Soon they are the star of the show, but will their newfound fame come between these two best friends or will they live by the mantra “friends that kill together, stay together”?

Now that you know what Tragedy Girls are all about, let me tell you why this so damn good. It starts with Hildebrand and Shipp who just kill it in more ways than one on the screen. Shipp and Hilderbrand who are both X-Men in the current incarnations really feel like a team with a great game plan. The screenplay from Chris Lee Hill and Tyler MacIntyre, the later also pulling directing duty  is smart and quick, even adding some of the cool words kids are saying these days. Tragedy Girls feels very much like Heathers was an influence and it stands toe to toe with it in quality. This movie is about as much fun as you can have in a theater, it is hard not to keep a smile on your face throughout. Sure there are people getting killed and only people like Sadie and Mckayla would get a kick out of that, but you never know, they might have deserved it. This has been a good month for movies like this and while the other two have their merits, neither are “Tragedy Girls”. I loved this movie and really didn’t want it to end. I think most of you will feel the same way because there is nothing better than a well done horror movie. Except maybe one that is funny as hell.

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