Ruin Me

November 1, 20176 min

Tis the season for screams and frights as Halloween is upon us. Like most people I enjoy a good scare and try to make it to a haunted house in my town yearly. Recently I was made aware of extreme haunted houses, in which the monsters that infest it, are allowed to go way beyond what you are used to. I guess in a world where we always push the line back, why wouldn’t we see how far we can go before we can’t take it any more. With that in mind the ideas for these extreme haunted houses has to be endless and one that dives into the world of camp slasher films sounds as much fun and terrifying.

Slasher Sleepout is just such a place, as people pay money to be dropped in the woods and have the shit scared out of them. Nathan (Matt Dellapina) is one of those people and when his friend isn’t able to go, he gets his girlfriend Alex (Marcienne Dwyer) to take his place. Nathan and Alex are joined on this excursion by Tim (Cameron Gordon), the strong quite type and few extreme horror fans in Pitch (John Odom), Marina (Eva Hamilton), and Larry (Chris Hill), who just love this kind of stuff. After singing wavers, the group gets black bags over their heads and they are thrown in the back of a van and dropped off in the middle of the woods. Most of them believe it is just a game, and someone like Pitch is just out to win it. Soon though the group starts to get picked off and for Alex and Nathan the extreme horror just got real, or is it all part of someone’s plan?

I am not going to lie, the synopsis to this film sounds utterly fantastic. Growing up I always had a love for those slasher films of the eighties. Sure they wore them out, but their beginnings live in out hearts and minds forever. If this camp really existed I think it would be fun to do, even though I really don’t like camping. The story written by Trysta Bissett and Preston DeFrancis the later also directing delivers just what you were hoping for. You can tell this film was made my fans of the horror genre as the movie is littered with easter eggs in regards to their favorite films. The movie moves at a brisk pace and it’s the story that drives it as in most films like this, the cast is pretty expendable. I say that in that none really stand out as they make the perfect victims. While I did enjoy “Ruin Me” for its nostalgia factor, the title coming from what the organizers of Slasher Sleepout plan to do to their guests, it never reaches the level of ideal horror for me. The acting feels not as good, but gets by because you are not asking for a lot of the cast, as the story is what drives a movie like this. It really is a minor problem I have, as over all I enjoyed the movie and what it wanted to try and ended up doing. Extreme haunted houses are the new thing and “Ruin Me” will be an introduction to that world for some. For most though it will be a new take on an old idea that shows it belongs with some of those classics.

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