You Might Be the Killer

September 21, 20184 min

Growing up in the eighties, a horror flick for me usually involved teenagers making bad decisions and then usually paying for them in blood via a deranged killer. Boy have times changed, nowadays instead of a guy in a mask chasing you through the woods you have an angry ghost, hungry creature or demon to worry about. I don’t know about you, but I long for the old days where a trip to a camp is just what I needed and I just met a guy who owns one.

That guy is Sam (Fran Kranz) and all he wants is for everyone to have a good time away from life’s hustle and bustle. Everything is going dandy with his crew of counselors until a night of storytelling turns into a true adventure that everyone will regret partaking in. It all starts when one of them finds a mask that calls for them to put it on. We know this from our storyteller who while trying to get away from the killer decides to phone a friend named Chuck (Alyson Hannigan) to help him get out of this mess. You see Chuck is somewhat of an expert in these kind of movies and she might be the only one who can help Sam escape and to learn the identity of the killer that hunts him before it’s too late.

Going back to my days of watching the many sequels to horror movies that littered the eighties, the one thing that was always missing was that element of fun. And ever since Scream slashed its way to the screen, it seems so many horror films have been chasing that style as well. You Might be The Killer brings that back to the light along with a healthy dose of gore. Written by Brett Simmons and Thomas P. Vitale from an idea that was born out of a twitter conversation the two had. Which brings to mind Kevin Smith’s Tusk from a few years ago that was a horror movie born on a podcast. Simmons who also directs uses the familiar troupes and the always lovely Alyson Hannigan to push the story forward, thus leaving everyone else to kill or be killed. This is the fun I wish I had in those older films, and while they gave laughs they were never intentional, whereas this film hits the target so many aim for. You Might Be the Killer is the perfect addition to this genre and a movie that turns being scared into a bloody blast.

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