September 27, 20185656 min

I have something to share with you, I love movies, not that you haven’t figured that out already. I love them because how they make me feel and how certain movies can linger long after they are seen. I have had this happen often enough and it takes me to a place where I long to view it again and to share it with as many people as possible. I knew going into the new Gaspar Noé film, that there would be a chance like some of his past films such as Irreversible and Enter the Void, films that still have their finger prints on my movie D.N.A. that this one could do the same thing. If that came out a little dirty, well, welcome to Climax

If you have not seen a Gasper Noé film, first, why not? And second, you need to change that, just know that when you do, that you are in for a ride. With Climax, being taken on a ride is an understatement . We start with the interview of twenty dancers who are all trying to get on some show in France in the mid-nineties, in which they are asked about their love of dance and what they would do to be a part of what they are auditioning for. A few months later we are in a complex were all the dancers who are led by Selva (Sofia Boutella) are putting the finishing touches on the choreography for their routine. After putting on a good show it is time for a celebration with a little food, some great beats to dance to and a little homemade sangria. It is after drinking that concoction that the night takes a turn and what follows is a trip into a rhythmic nightmare for the dancers and a movie experience you won’t soon forget.

The first words I uttered after this movie ended was “holy shit”as Climax is simply an assault on your senses. You will feel everything this film has to offer and it will be hard for you to leave not feeling something strong for it one way or another. Noé who shot the film over a short period of time and with little rules, except the opening dance number, the rest of the film the dancers involved are doing what comes natural to them. Climax takes you to another world, one that I want to be in everyday and is electrifying as you experience it through Noé’s eyes. I was overwhelmed by the trippy-fantastic nature of the film as it took some time to let it wash over me, with the only thought that I had remaining was, I have to see that again. There is so much beauty in and how the film was made with the camera being as much a character as the actors themselves. This is not just a film to watch, but one that you should surrender to, as the words to describe it will be hard to come by, but you will feel something after I assure you. There is also little doubt that you will want even need to talk to somebody about it after. Climax lives up to its name and when it is over you will need a smoke, or maybe even a drink, but probably not sangria.

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