The Grinch

November 9, 20185 min

Oh it must be that time of year again because everywhere I look its beginning to look a lot like Christmas, but yet, it’s the first week of November. It seems only fitting that since Christmas now starts on November 1st that Christmas movies would be released earlier. So it’s only fitting that that movie would be the latest telling of Dr. Seuss’s How The Grinch Stole Christmas or for your viewing pleasure, simply known now as The Grinch.

In the village of Whoville they live for Christmas and all the joy that it brings. Everywhere you look there is a spirt all around and everyone has a smile on their face. While the town might be full of joy, high above it lives The Grinch (Benedict Cumberbatch), and he is someone who would rather be having a root canal then participate in Christmas bliss. No matter how hard he tries he can’t get out of its way and while the spirt fills up everyone in Whoville, it just fills his heart with hate. Finally he comes up with a plan, a plan that will end his misery in which he steals Whoville’s Christmas and in by doing so free him from his holiday prison. He has the plan and the desire, but when he meets one little Who, she will make his heart three sizes bigger and show the Grinch the true meaning of Christmas.

Telling a story that has been told so many times before has to be a daunting task for anyone, but you know you have a strong base, so all you just need to do is find a way to make it yours somehow. The story is the same, but this time everything looks incredible with just the right amount of cute. With a great cast lead by Cumberbatch, the team behind this telling brings the story to life in a way that has never seen before and while my heart will always belong to the 1966 version I grew up on, this one made me notice the love that went into it. I really don’t know what they could have done to mess this up except maybe make a live action version. So let me assure you they do nothing but deliver a film that is entertaining for the whole family. Now to be honest, they don’t make anything to make this Grinch stand out, even though it will bring plenty of smiles and a few laughs, it’s not something that will stay with you. Don’t worry though, kids are going to love this and I assure you this will be on repeat in the car and at home to the point you will be glad it has noting that will stay with you. The one thing I can say it did to me was it made me look forward to Christmas so in that sense they have finally won, but hey I won too as I got to see a perfectly adequate movie that will makes everyone’s heart grow at least one size bigger.

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