The VICE Guide to Bigfoot

October 26, 20194 min

In our current world of social media where the old line of fact and fiction have become a more and more blurred, a good mockumentary is just what the doctor ordered. For me laughter is the cure for everything seeming to be more serious around us. I think it’s safe to say we all need a good laugh. So what is the thing that will get your mind off reality? How about a trip with a news crew as they try and find Bigfoot with an Eagle Scout as their guide, I mean what could go wrong?

Brian Emond longs to be a real reporter, with his own show where he does deep dives into investigative reporting of current news. Instead he and his cameraman/producer is chasing stories like making craft beer in war torn countries as clickbait. Things though are looking on the up and up as Brian is the frontrunner to land a new show for VICE as he is about to embark on one of his small adventures to find Bigfoot. Things though don’t go as he plans and by the time he has arrived in Georgia and meets Jeff Stephenson, a legend in the Bigfoot community, he is questioning his whole career path. Jeff who got his fame from finding proof that Bigfoot uses tools, is a guy who loves the big hairy guy, so much so that it has cost him his relationship with his soon to be bride. As always, life finds a way, and Brian and Zach follow Jeff into the woods to find proof, where so many before have failed. After an eventful first night out in the woods, the guys think they have found something, and what they end up finding is more than they thought they would.

A good mockumentary is made or fails with its cast, as you have to have the right people to deliver. With The VICE Guide to Bigfoot, the cast brings it on that front, especially Emond and Stephenson who carry most of the load. The first half of the film starts off real strong and really provides some good laughs, mostly by Stevenson, who quite frankly is a guy I would like to know, both for his passion of Bigfoot and his quoting Jurassic Park. While the first half is strong, it does take a little dip towards the end as things go a bit over the top, but not enough to take away from its main premise. This is a pretty good time and with its tight running time, it feels just the right amount to spend on shenanigans with Bigfoot.

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