The Pale Door

August 21, 202070/1005 min
Melora Walters, Noah Segan, Zachart Knighton
Written by
Cameron Burns, Aaron B. Koontz, Keith Lansdale
Directed by
Aaron B. Koontz
Run Time
1h 36min
Overall Score
Rating Summary


Westerns have always been defined by the good vs. the bad, where the hero with the white hat would always save the day and the bad guy wore black went down like the dirty dog that he was. In The Pale Door things are not that simple and in this story the black hats are the ones who you might be rooting for in the end. Other than the side you might root for, all the things you love about a good western are on full display in this ride into the bizarre.

Brothers Jake (David Druid) and Duncan (Zachary Knighton) lives’ have been shaped in violence after as kids their parents were murdered in front of them. As they have grown up they have taken different paths with Duncan leading a gang of outlaws as Jake is earning an honest living at a bar. It is in that bar after a night of heavy drinking one of Duncan’s boys gets into a fight that ends in death. That throws a wrench in their next plan, a plan that Wylie (Pat Healy), who is part of Duncan’s crew, has been scoping out for some time. That sparks Jake’s interstress in the job and after much persuading Duncan agrees to let hm participate. That might be the worst decision as the job seems to go well, but the treasure that was thought to be on the train, turns out to be something much different, a girl who is locked up in a trunk. If that’s not weird enough the group finds themselves in need of a doctor and the girl who was locked away says her town is nearby and that their doctor can help. When they arrive they are greeted by a town filled with women, which for these group of guys seems too good to be true. And it just might be as things get crazier and even more bloody.

I don’t know about you, but I can get behind a western that has supernatural twist one hundred percent. The good news is that Cameron Burns, Keith Lansdale, and Aaron B. Koontz, the later also directing do not let us down. Some might say this is a good horror film, while other might say it’s a good western, but I say they are both right, but I would call The Pale Door just a good film. With a unique story already in the bag, the cast that comes together is top notch and includes Stan Shaw, Noah Segan, and Melora Walters. Of course a solid western wouldn’t be complete without a matching score to go along with it and Alex Cuervo delivers on that front as well. I had a good time with this one and I am sure you will as well, because it turns out the creepiness these cowboys face go together better than expected.

Available in theaters, on Demand and Digital August 21, 2020.

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