Girl — Fantastic Fest Review

September 26, 202055/1004 min
Bella Thorne, Mickey Rourke, Chad Faust
Written by
Chad Faust
Directed by
Chad Faust
Run Time
1 h 32min
Overall Score
Rating Summary

By the time a girl (Bella Thorne) arrives in a dying town looking for her father, you know there is some serious daddy issues going on here. Having lived in this town until she was six, the story goes that her father would beat her mama (Elizabeth Saunders), til they had no choice but to run away from him. It seems though all her father has done since then is harass them and this girl is not going to take it anymore as she has come to this dead town to end it all.

When she arrives she is able to track her daddy down, but someone has already beaten her to the punch as her daddy is dead, murdered actually. A little disappointed and upset, the girl heads back into town and comes across a guy who is quite the charmer (Chad Faust), or at least he claims he is. Things don’t add up though as she notices he is wearing her daddy’s watch, so two and two is put together. A fight ensues and just when it was about to end the Sheriff (Mickey Rourke) walks in to settle it in his own way. What it leads to is the girl discovering a family secret, that makes the story she has been told her whole life seem like a fairy tale compared to reality.

Girl, which is written and directed by that charmer of a guy Chad Faust digs deep to deliver some good old fashion family drama. Thorne almost looks unrecognizable with an appearance that screams ‘showers are few and far between’, but she just doesn’t look dirty as she gets down and dirty and even gets to kick some ass along the way. While the story does weave a web, it’s not too tangled to follow and becomes pretty clear not too deep on the films brisk hour and twenty nine minute run time. There is some questionable acting, mainly Rourke who has fallen so far from his peak, and Thorne, who still finds a way to sexy up the casual hoody look. Overall though they are not at the point where they take away anything from the film. No, Girl is a decent little thriller.

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