Psycho Goreman

January 20, 202170/1005 min
Nita-Josee Hanna , Owen Myre, Adam Brooks, Alexis Kara Hancey
Written by
Steven Kostanski
Directed by
Steven Kostanski
Run Time
1h 39min
Release Date
January 22nd, 2021
Overall Score
Rating Summary

Every kid at some point has longed for that friend from another part of the universe that they can force to their bidding, or was that just me?  Either way having an all-powerful evil creature, who wants to destroy you, but can’t and instead must do your bidding does have its appeal. This is exactly what Mimi (Nita-Josee Hanna) and her brother Luke (Owen Myre) have and color me jealous as I just want what they have.

Mimi and Luke get what they have after a night of a made up game called “Crazy -Ball”, which has some rules that live up to its name.  After her victory Mimi makes Luke dig a hole and at some point he reaches something with a glowing pink stone at the top of it. With a little luck, Mini is able to release the stone and unbeknownst to them they also unleash something for more dangerous. The next day they find a creature (Matthew Ninaber) waiting for them that is the picture of evil. This creature exists to wipe out life in the universe and when Mimi and Luke find him, he very much wants to kill them, but he can’t. You see who ever holds the stone, controls the creature and after having him do some pretty childish stuff, they come up with a name for him: Psycho Goreman. P.G. for short. Reluctantly the monster does what he is told, because you know, the stone, which consist of things like playing in a band, playing dress up, and turning the boy Mimi likes into a brain looking creature. It’s not all fun and games as Psycho Goreman’s awakening has gotten the attention of the people who had locked him away for eternity in the first place. This of course sets up a grand battle between good and evil, or something like that, with  the fate of the universe in the hands of a couple of kids, I mean what could go wrong?

Psycho Goreman is the bloody and violent family movie that we all needed, but just didn’t know it. Writer/Director Steven Kostanski has combined his love for both practical and visual effects and gives you something you can’t help but enjoy. I myself had a blast with the over the top practical effects and can say without any hesitation that if you enjoy a good black comedy, well, welcome to the Goreman fan club. As much as this is about P.G, Kostanski has created a new universe filled with fantastic looking creatures, all which have some pretty special personalities to go with them. In other words, this would be a cool universe to live in, if you didn’t have to worry about getting wiped out by Psycho himself. This is genre filmmaking at its finest and what draws fans like myself to it, is what filmmaking is all about. I hope Psycho Goreman fills your heart with old school fun and crazy gore like it did mine.


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