April 23, 202360/1006 min
Will Ferrell, Sofia Vergara, Jamie Foxx, Isla Fisher
Written by
Dan Perrault
Directed by
Josh Greenbaum
Run Time
1h 33min
Release Date
August 18th, 2023
Overall Score
Rating Summary

                There has been few actors that have been as polarizing to me as Will Ferrell. For every movie of his that I love, there are two or three that I don’t, and I find myself in the minority when it comes to enjoying a lot of his films. I mention this to illustrate, that when it comes to his movies, I tend to place the bar pretty low. So it should please all the Ferrell fans out there when I say, that I had way more fun than should be allowed with his new film, Strays.

Some might say that this film is the product of all the people who ignored Bob Barker’s message at the end of The Price is Right, there are just too many dogs. Perhaps that’s true, but our star dogs didn’t always lack a home. For Reggie (Will Ferrell), he was the product of a relationship that once dissolved, his owner, Doug (Will Forte) didn’t really want him when that relationship ended. After many attempts to lose him, Doug thinks he finally found the sure way to rid himself of Reggie. Doug takes Reggie three hours away and leaves him. Of course this a terrible thing to do, and Reggie gets lost pretty quick. This is when he meets Bug (Jamie Foxx), who rescues him from some larger dogs. Reggie shares his story with Bug and soon meets Maggie (Isla Fisher) and Hunter (Randall Park) and together, the four of them find themselves on a road trip for their newfound friend Reggie. Chaos ensues, but chaos for out four-legged friends equals a hell of a time for us.

Writer Dan Perrault doesn’t offer much in terms of a plot; it’s simple, basically a road trip movie with dogs as the lead characters. If you have seen the trailer for Strays, you already know what to expect, and while it might not be highbrow art, its goal is to make you laugh, and that it does, often. This humor though is of the dirty kind and while the film is filthy, it is also quite loveable, because you know, dogs. All of it plays because of the voice work, which is pin point perfect in its casting. Ferrell is great as Reggie. Roles like this suit him more when he’s the overly optimistic straight-man, rather than the self-assured goofball. But for me the terrier is the one who slays the most, as Foxx is unleashed and is perfect as Bug. He recalls his foul-mouthed humor from his early days and simply brings his dialogue to hilarious life.

Strays might just be the raunchiest and funniest movie you’ll see all year. There will certainly be moments that will have you cringing a little bit, but you will be doing it as you are laughing uncontrollably. I had a blast with Strays, but laughter is not the only thing you’ll take away. This movie is also for the dog lovers and the unconditional love they have for their owners. For me, Strays was simply enjoyment, there is not much in the way of emotional depth, but you are not coming to this movie for that. Instead come to it for some great laughs and cute dogs that you will want to take home, as Strays definitely proves every dog has its day, but it also manages to make yours.

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