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Everyone’s favorite time of year is upon us. When beaches are full and Fresh Prince’s “Summertime” is playing on the radio way too often. While so many are dealing with the crowded beaches, the ocean that wants to kill us, and those overflowing amusement parks, I find my joy at the cinema. Not that there is a lack of people there, but for me those big summer movies just pull me into that world. Every year the biggest and badest movies are released between May and the middle of July. That is the time it seems when we just want to get out of the heat, and cool off with a big fun flick. That is why I put together the seven movies I am looking forward to this summer, for you, for me, and for everyone to enjoy.

“Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”
How do you follow up a film that many put at the top of their list when it comes to Marvel films? Well you bring everyone back, use what worked so well before, and oh and yeah make Groot a baby to steal the show. Having not seen much after the first trailer (I am on a one trailer and done rule), I feel like this movie might be as much fun as the first.

“Alien: Convent”
1979’s “Alien” remains one of the scarier films in my lifetime. Everything about that film works, so it is easy to get excited with the return of Ridley Scott to the franchise. That news alone would be enough to get me back in the theater. Add that we also get to see the Xenomorph wreck havoc on another crew and you can take all my money right now.

“Wonder Woman”
Most of us would agree that last years Batman V. Superman was at times difficult to watch. Those same people would also agree that the bright spot of that film was every time Gal Godot’s appeared as Wonder Woman. Now we get a whole film with her in it, and boy does it look good. Gone is moody Batman and emo Superman and what we get is a movie filled with someone I could spend plenty of time with. So glad DC stepped to the plate and gave us this film, because even tied up with the Lasso of truth you couldn’t say bad things about this.

“Baby Driver”
I feel I could break into a description about what this film is about and why you should want to see it. While I could do that I feel I would be wasting your time, when I could just use four words why you should see this. Having already written more than I should, here are those four words why you want to see this, ‘directed by Edgar Wright’.

“Spider-Man: Homecoming”
Much like with Wonder Woman, this is a full dose of something we got a small amount of, but were all left craving more of. Tom Holland was magnificent in Captain America : Civil War, and got everyone excited for the Spider-Man we feel we deserve. Not wanting to just rely on that, Robert Downey Jr. was added to the mix, which assures that this might be the one summer movie not to miss.

Much like “Baby Driver” this is more about who is making it than what the film is about. Whenever you see “A Christopher Nolan film” there is not much more info you really need. This film is about a battle during World War II in which the German army had the Allies surrounded and more then 330,000 Allied troops were rescued. If that wasn’t enough to make you want to see this, the film was shot mainly in 70MM, which makes this a must see on the biggest screen you can find.

“War of the Planet of the Apes”
One thing is certain with these latest, Planets of the Apes films, they are not monkeying around. Matt Reeves returns behind the camera to lead us down the road that shows how this world became truly a planet of the apes. I don’t know about you, but I am rooting for Caesar to beat those pesky humans, so that he and his family can live in peace. While I might miss the ape masks of the past, it is hard not to get on board after the last installment.

Summer Summer Summertime
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