Think Like a Man Too

June 20, 20145 min

If you remember the old arcade game “N.B.A Jam” you might recall when a player was hot the announcer would say “He’s on fire”. I bring that bit of nostalgia up because if that announcer was watching Kevin Hart’s career right now he would be shouting the same phrase. In the last year it seems like if Kevin Hart is in it, you have a hit. With already two hits in his pocket this year alone with “Ride Along” and “About Last Night”, it seems Kevin Hart can do no wrong.

Like the Miami Heat, Kevin Hart is going for a threepeat, but unlike the Heat, I think Hart has a pretty good chance to make that happen. After the success of “Think Like a Man” it was a pretty sure thing a sequel was on its way, and we didn’t have to wait long. After a happy ending for all of couples in the first film, it is time to get married and what better place to get married than Las Vegas. The men are back with Cedric (Kevin Hart) leading the way, and planning the best bachelor party ever. The party is for Michael (Terrence Jenkins) who is marrying Candace (Regina Hall), who also has a night to end all nights planned. Michael has his boys with him, Dominic (Michael Ealy), Jeremy (Jerry Ferrara), and Zeke (Romany Malco), while Candace has her girls Kristen (Gabrielle Union), Lauren (Taraji P Henson) and Mya( Megan Good). While everything is planned, everything goes wrong and puts our group in both funny and not so funny situations.

It is safe to say when the ideas were being thrown out for a sequel; Vegas came up pretty easy in the conversation. Right away you jump into a world of clichés, and “Think Like a Man Too” falls into everyone of them. Gone is the originality that made the first film enjoyable, instead it is replaced with a film that feels more like a tame version on the “Hangover” series. Not learning from the mistakes of the above mentioned series, sometimes adding more of something that worked in smaller doses isn’t always a good thing. Where “Hangover 3” made it hard to watch with too much Ken Jeong, this film does the same with the biggest star in the sky, Kevin Hart. Certain people are just better when they are not the central figure, and Hart plays the Robin to Batman much better than playing The Cape Crusader himself. It really feels like the first film was such a surprise hit that they just threw together a sequel and hoped enough stuck, putting all their money on Hart’s presence alone. It’s hard to not have laughed during what is supposed to be a comedy. Instead of my face hurting from laughing, it just plain hurt to see this film pull out the usual Vegas tricks, and become just another notch in Kevin Hart’s belt.


Brian Taylor

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