The One I Love

September 12, 20143 min

Many couples get to that point where they try to get back that fire, that magic of being in love like at the beginning of the relationship. Sometimes the obstacles are too great, and other times nothing will stand in the way of true love and happiness. In “The One I Love” Ethan (Mark Duplass) and Sophie (Elisabeth Moss) are a couple at this point in their marriage where they feel distant, and mistakes are made, but both are doing their best to save the love they once had.

With a suggestion by their therapist played by Ted Danson the couple go to a small house just outside of town. As they attempt to reconnect, the strangeness occurs when they step into the guest house on the property.

Since this is the main driving force of the film, and the trailers don’t address it, I will not spoil what happens. I’ll just say it’s very “Twilight Zone”, from the story, to the intimate setting, the music, to even one of the character’s name-checking the old show. Director Charlie McDowell hits all the beats of a romantic comedy, and like any good sci-fi leaves enough explanation out as to have you thinking about it for days.

Both Moss and Duplass are enjoyable to watch, from the playful banter to the bitter jabs that only a married couple can pull off. Even though some of the themes are similar to other films and the ending is very telegraphed “The One I Love” is a great film, with fun performances and worth the watch if you are tired of the typical rom-com’s and want to see something fresh and unique but still has that hint of the familiar.

–Robert L. Castillo

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