Now You See Me 2

June 10, 20165 min

“We are going out with a show people will never forget”

In 2013 a film about four magicians came out and made a lot of money disappear from people’s pockets on the way to grossing 332 million dollars. With that kind of loot, you know that we would see them again for a second act; one we all hoped would top the first. With it’s tricks that made you say “how did they do that” that ended in the reveal on how they actually did, it was easy to see the appeal, that and it was just plain fun. Now knowing what the plan is, will the magic trick be as special when you already know how it is done?

The horsemen are back, well minus one who could not make it, but don’t worry a back-up was found. We catch up with everyone as they are still in hiding after their grand finale from their last performance. Atlas (Jesse Eisenberg) is becoming a little restless as he waits for the next show. While Jack Widler (Dave Franco) and Merritt (Woody Harrelson) are honing their skills and trying to learn each other’s specialty. We also meet Lulu (Lizzy Caplan), who wants nothing more than to join their group and lucky for her Dylan (Mark Ruffalo) has chosen her to be the forth. When they finally choose their next performance they soon find out the trick is on them, as they are revealed. The person who showed their tricks is a mystery, and it is up to the horsemen to find out who he is all while putting on their grandest show yet.

The saying, “a tough act to follow” might have been referring to sequels of surprised hit movies. The reason why is because most of the things that made people talk about it gets lost. Written by the same writers, only this time directed by Jon M. Chu (Step Up 2) who does a fine enough job. With the same writers aboard it would be easy to think we are in good hands, but this is not the case, and the writers seem to take the easy route. The fun the first film brought seems to be lacking in this one, although Caplan and Harrelson do their best to bring it, especially Harrelson who does a killer McConaughey impersonation that is pretty on point. While those two seem to shine, the rest of the cast is really just all right in what they bring. The fun is not the only thing missing, the “how did they do that” is also as the tricks have a lot less treat in them. A second act can be hard to pull off sometimes, especially when your fist one set the bar so high. I wish sometimes studios would just be happy with a stand-alone film, and not feel the need to make more once it becomes a hit. I am not giving up on this film series, as a “Now You See Me 3” is already in the works. Let’s just hope somehow they find their magic again and give us the performance we all know they can give.

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