The Disaster Artist

December 11, 20175 min

Oh, hi everyone, I am taking that by you reading this that you are interested in the story of the making of one of the best, worst movies of all time. I’m a firm believer in thinking that no one sets out to make a bad movie, not even Adam Sandler, but nonetheless we get more bad it seems than good. There is something though that some of those bad movies have that help them find the audience they never knew they can get and gives these films a longer life than a lot of the best picture winners. “The Room” is one of those films and with “The Disaster Artist” we get to see something so bad birth something so great right before our eyes.

Like the appeal of “The Room”, Tommy Wiseau (James Franco) is a mystery. What they do know about him is he has passion and when Greg Sestero (Dave Franco) sees that passion first hand during an acting class he knows he needs to be around him. While Tommy’s acting desires are on full display, the rest of his life is not as well known, like about how old he is or where he gets his money, something he seems to have a good amount of. Soon he and Greg move to Los Angeles to become movie stars, but soon find out the only way that dream will happen is if they take their fate in their own hands. Being the fearless man he is, Tommy writes a movie for him and Greg to star in and decide to make it themselves. What follows is just what you expect would happen when a man like Tommy Wiseau makes a movie, a movie that would become famous for how bad it is but somehow still so entertaining.

I will put it on front street, I had never seen “The Room” before and had only heard of its greatness from friends that have had this experience. While some will say I went into this backwards, I disagree and believe I went in the perfect way. Sure, I didn’t get some of the jokes and meanings having not seen the inspiration, but “The Disaster Artist” while you want to see “The Room”, you probably don’t have to. Instead seeing the roads that lead to it help me enjoy that film more because of seeing it in this reverse order. You don’t need to see “The Room” to enjoy this film for many reasons but none more than because James Franco is pure gold. Franco is perfect and the more you find out about Wiseau in real life the more you appreciate just how good James Franco is. It’s not just him though that shines as the whole cast is perfect and it shares what I think makes “The Room” so enduring for its fans. What I think that is, is the passion for the project, something that makes anything better if it is behind it. We should all thank Tommy Wiseau because without him and his dream of making a movie we would never have gotten this and that is reason enough to love “The Room” and all it has become.

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