Maze Runner :The Death Cure

January 26, 20185 min

Everyone is always looking for the next big thing. In the movie world that usually is looking for the next great franchise and after the success of the ‘Twilight’ series studios were clamoring for a Young Adult property that would be equally successful for them. With series like ‘Divergent’, ‘The Hunger Games’, and ‘The Maze Runner’ the future looked bleak but it was the up and coming stars of these films that would be the heroes. Now we are at the end of ‘The Maze Runner’ series, but has everyone already moved on to the next “next big thing? “

Like with ‘The Scorch Trials’ this film picks up with the last one left off. This time we find Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) and his group attacking a train to set some immunes free. This train break is not so much about all aboard, but about Minho (Ki Hong Lee) and anyone who happens to be traveling in his train car with him. Thomas and his group have it all figured out and are ready to carry out their mission. The problem is they grabbed the wrong car so WCKD still has Minho. Not one to leave someone behind Thomas decides he is going to get him alone. Thomas though is never alone and is joined by Newt (Thomas Brodie-Sangster) and Frypan (Dexter Darden) as they make their way to the last safe city. Once on the outskirts they run into a group that will help them get into the city so they can find Minho and get on with their lives. What starts as a covert operation soon turns into an all-out war with Thomas being the key that can end it all.

The one thing this series shares with the other YA stories, is the fans. For them reading these books and seeing them come to life on the big screen is something pretty great, but unfortunatley not for the rest of us. This and the others for me were always forgettable, or more films that in the moment were fine, but as time goes on they are very easy to forget. With “The Death Cure” it looks impressive with landscapes and the action and stunts that go along with these series, but like the previous two films this will just blend in together. This is not a bad movie, but it is neither a good one as well, T.S Nowlin is back to finish the series that he has written every installment on as well as Wes Ball who directed “The Scorch Trials”. The consistency is nice, and the commitment to complete is as well but it doesn’t take it to a ‘Harry Potter’ level, which let’s face it, not many films reach. This movie is fine and for the fans of the series I think they will enjoy it. For the rest of us though what will happen is not long after seeing it, it will start to fade from your memory like so many other things in life do.

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