Incredibles 2

June 15, 20186 min

Fourteen years ago Brad Bird and Pixar did something that 20th Century Fox after repeated tries has yet to do. They made a good film about the Fantastic Four, just with a different title. Bird though didn’t just make that film he made a great superhero movie and all before Marvel made them cool. In today’s sequel/prequel/re-boot culture it would seem like a part 2 of this property would have come so much sooner, but back then you didn’t just make a sequel right away. Well, Disney certainly did, but Pixar? The thing they would do was to let the first one enjoy its time in the limelight and then do it all over again much later, because perfection takes time. I am not the one who likes to set expectations, and not to sound too corny, but this film is incredible!

We pick up still in a world where being super is not a good thing as all those with powers are still banned from using them. While the memo was read the Parr family has chosen to ignore it and has been fighting crime still. Lead by Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) and his wife Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) the family has a knack for turning bad things into worse ones, mostly because that’s the only way Mr. Incredible knows how to. After a foiled attempt to stop a bad guy the family is told to not do that again and just when they were directionless someone shows up with a map. That someone is Winston Deavor (Bob Odenkirk) a uber rich guy who with his sister Evelyn (Catherine Keener) want to help the ‘supers’ to be welcomed with open arms again by the public. Their plan is to use Elastigirl to lead that charge because well she is less likely to break things, which is the way to turn the tide in the super’s favor. Someone though has another plan and it is up to the Incredibles to once again take on the bad guy and save the city like any great super hero family would do.

I feel like following up a near perfect film must be a pretty daunting task. I compare it to how my parents must have felt when they had my sister, I mean how do you follow up after me? Well unlike my parents, Bird found a way because “Incredibles 2” is every bit good as the first if not a little better. Mostly because Bird, who is back on board as writer/director added the right touches to take it up a few notches. After a foray int the live action world of “Mission: Impossible” and the failed but underrated “Tomorrowland” Bird goes back to the animation well and we all are reminded how thirsty we really were. The main and most obvious choice was the unleashing of Jack-Jack on the world and in these are the moments you will be hard pressed to control your laughter. While there are plenty of moments that are sure to amuse, this is a super hero movie and like all super hero movies there has to be some brilliant world saving action. This film doesn’t disappoint in that department either and does a great job of balancing its darker and light moments. When you add all of it together you get to have more fun than a barrel full of monkeys (is that fun?). I loved this movie and I hope we don’t have to wait as long for an “Incredibles 3” because I am certain that I am not alone in wanting more Jack-Jack vs the raccoon, because that is what the world needs, superheroes taking on wildlife.

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