How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

February 22, 20195 min

When creating a story you are always looking for that one thing that will set it apart, you know, give it that extra kick. I am sure there are lots of elements you can add to achieve that, but for me all you got to do is add some dragons. Sure you might think I’m crazy, but I mean add a dragon or two to any Adam Sandler film and look out, you have something working, I mean Game of Thrones didn’t get really good until Kalisi got her dragons. Go ahead and play the game with me, take any bad movie and add dragons and all of a sudden it’s on fire, so just think how good a movie will be if it was full of dragons?

Lucky for us we don’t have to worry about the answer to that question, as the How to Train Your Dragon series is back with it’s final entry. Now that Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) is in charge, he and his dragon pal Toothless fly around and free any and all captured dragons and bring them back to their home. Needless to say besides being overrun with dragons they have always attracted the kind of attention you don’t like. This time it comes in the form of Grimmel. (F. Murray Abraham) who has killed every other night fury but Toothless and wants to complete his mission of wiping them out of existence. Grimmel uses a female night fury to distract Toothless and set a trap to carry out his ultimate plan. In the way though is Hiccup and his tribe as they are once again called upon to save their dragons, so that they can all live happily ever after.

Ending a series can always be a difficult thing to do, because while beginnings are easy, it can be hard to stick the end. Not so for Cressida Cowell whose book series the film is based off of and Dean DeBios, who also directed and co-wrote all three film, as they pretty much nail the landing. This is a story about love and finding yourself amongst it, as well as letting go that thing you love. The voice cast is on point as usual, but it’s the friendships that drive this series and a story that has always known where it was headed. With this chapter you will find your heart full and has one of my favorite courting scenes that would even impress Lloyd Dobler with its execution. It’s a difficult task to make a good trilogy, just as the dozens that could not meet Back to the Future, or Godfather status. With the How to Train Your Dragon series, the filmmakers put it in the conversation of good trilogies. I feel like the creators ended it their way and doing so will make a lot of fans happy and also is answered the eternal question, is there such a thing as too many dragons? Not at all.

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