Guns Akimbo [Fantastic Fest 2019]

September 21, 20195 min

The internet is a place where people like to go to become someone else or as some would argue, reveal who they actually are. A lot of people will tell you the darkest place on earth is below in the comment section of almost any site and you know it would be hard to argue against that. What if though the people who dealt in those comments actually had to face real world consequences? Would they say the same things or would they change their tune?

Guns Akimbo kind of poses that question, but it’s not here to answer it, what it is here for is to take you on a ride.
Miles (Daniel Ratcliffe) is good at his job as a programmer for one of those phone games people can’t stop playing, but deep down they really hate. That is Miles life in a nutshell, he hates his boss, his job, and really his life in general, with the only thing he feels for is his ex-girlfriend Nova (Natasha Liu Bordizzo), who he let get away. While Miles might feel like nothing in his life, he is a king behind the keyboard and tonight he is going after the people who are commenting on a reality show that pits two people against each other to the death. That decision though is going to change Miles, as someone on the other end doesn’t appreciate his tone and they track Miles down and make him a participant in this crazy game to the death. Miles wakes up with a gun bolted to each hand and no idea what is going on. Soon though Nix (Samara Weaving) is gunning for him as the only way either one of them is going to get out of the game is to kill the other, which makes for one hell of a day for them both.

Saying Guns Akimbo goes balls against the wall feels like the best description as it grabs a hold of you and really never lets go. The story written and directed by Jason Lei Howden (Deathgasm) feels like The Running Man for a world where screens rule people’s lives and we need to live our lives through other people. If that doesn’t get your attention, seeing Ratcliffe with two guns strapped to his hands and Weaving being the badass that she is, for me that is all you need. This is a ride that simply does not let up once you are on, the action is kinetic and I can’t say this enough about Ratcliffe’s performance as this is unlike anything you have ever seen him do before. This is for people who like good action movies and pure entertainment, as it doesn’t just accept video game violence, it embraces it .

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