Love. Wedding. Repeat

April 10, 20205 min

Staring Olivia Munn, Sam Claflin, Aisling Bea
Written by Dean Craig, Francis Nief, Christelle Raynal. Directed by Dean Craig. Run Time 1h 40min

Going to a wedding can often be the best of times. While the romantic in you might enjoy a great ceremony, the real fun is at the reception and that can depend on a little chance. That usually comes down to who you sit next to at your table. That is the senerio explored in Dean Craig’s new film, Love. Wedding. Repeat and the role that chance plays in our lives. Taken from the 2012 French film Plan de table, this is the story of all the things that can go wrong with simple table placement.

Rebecca (Aisling Bea) is going to the chapel and she is going to get married, but that’s not the story we are telling. Rebecca is already married to Roberto and now it is off to the good times. Rebecca is greatly helped by her brother Jack (Sam Chaflin) and her Maid of Honor Bryan (Joel Fry), so everything goes off without a hitch. Problems often find you though, and the problem’s name in this case is Marc (Jack Farthing), a guy who is obsessed with the bride and has come to profess his love. Rebecca does not want her perfect day to be ruined, so she convinces Jack to put something in Marc’s drink that would make him staying awake a little difficult. Reluctantly he aggress, but after a mix up with the seating all hell breaks loose and Jack finds out just how much chance plays in our lives.

The world really could use more comedies right about now and one that takes place at a wedding could be just what we need. Add to that a British comedy at a wedding and I have already RSVP’ed for one. I love a good time where a mix up can cause so much trouble. Must be the Three’s Company in me. Figuring out the love and wedding part of the title is pretty easy and I will tell you now the repeat does not refer to multiple weddings, but scenarios instead. The table is the center of the universe, with the spiked drink being its consent star, the story changes depending on where that star lands, setting up quite the fun time indeed. When it comes to the characters, they are charming in that British kind of way and the extra twenty minutes this version adds is not really felt. A lot of the weight is carried by Sam Clafin and he is more than up for the task, as he channels his best Hugh Grant impression from so many nineties romantic comedies. Everyone else plays their roles and Love. Wedding. Repeat leaves you with that little romantic comedy hangover. I am a sucker for films like this and while it is not perfect, it is something that you will enjoy spending your time with. And maybe even, repeating.

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