November 13, 20142 min

When Mark (Ryan Piers Williams) and Sylvia’s (America Ferrera) relationship hits a snag, Sylvia confess that she has slept with another man while Mark was away. Confused on what to do Mark goes to stay with his friend Jake (John Paul Phillips) who is dealing with his own breakup by engaging in casual sex and painting. Sylvia’s sister Jen (Melonie Diaz) can’t seem to keep a relationship, and often gives her number out to random guys, who she sleeps with on the first date. Four people, four different stories, all dealing with love in New York City.

There have been plenty of stories about love that we have all seen. What writer, director, and star Ryan Piers Williams does different is tell four separate stories about four friends and how they deal with loneness. While Ferrera and Williams are the main characters, all four stories get equal screen time. The one story you wish you saw more of was Jens, where Diaz adds humor and energy that the other stories lack. While everyone else is wallowing in his or her misery, Diaz lives life with meaning. While at times a little to mellow, “X/Y” is a refreshing take on love and life in the big city.


Brian Taylor

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