Hardcore Henry

April 7, 20165 min

Movies, like life are all about changes. When things start to feel stale, someone comes along and gives a jolt to ignite creativity. As someone who watches a lot of movies those jolts can feel like falling in love again as it reminds you why you love film in the first place. Last year “Mad Max: Fury Road” did that for me, it was a clear reminder to me that it’s good to just have fun and marvel at a movie. Now in that same spirit comes another dose of originallty, and this one feels more like a lighting bolt,during a car chase, engaged in a gunfight, at 100 miles an hour.

Henry seems to have had a bad day, when he wakes up to a missing arm as well as the bottom half of one of his legs. If that wasn’t crazy enough enough he can’t speak either, but there is a beautiful woman involved, Estelle (Haley Bennett), tells Henry to relax. Soon Henry is having an arm and a leg attached and being told that he and Estelle are married. Before you can relax though, Henry is attacked and like that you on the run. I say ‘you’, because you are in Henry’s point of view, as you try and figure out what is happening. All the clues you have is what little Estelle has told you and from a guy named Jimmy (Sharlto Copley), who seems to have more lives than your average house cat. With the help of multiple Jimmys, you seek to uncover what is happening with you and take the ride of your life.

The sell of this movie literally seeing the world as Henry sees it, as you experience the movie through a Go Pro. The movie is a combination of watching a movie and a first person shooter video game, something that should appeal to a variety of crowds. “Hardcore Henry” though, is not just for them, it should be for everyone who wants to experience something uniquely different. Writer/Director IIya Naishuller gives you a vision of what film can be that you soon won’t forget, as he puts you in the movie without you getting your hands dirty. The question I had going in was if the movement was going to be more of a distraction, or worse something that makes you nauseous. From my point of view it was not, as being put in the action as well as watching it made for a good time for me. Sure you can find faults in this film, but the faults are not important, as it has nothing to do with why you should see this movie. It will make you feel something new, and that is the only reason. You will often get a rush of adrenaline especially knowing that most of what you see on the screen is real stunt-work, with little CGI. This movie is just pure entertainment, with no other word that fits better when describing it. I loved this ride, and can’t wait to take another, do you want to come with me?

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