The Boss

April 7, 20165 min

Many a movie have centered their story around the hate some have for their boss. Most people can relate to these movies because we have all had bosses who shop at the ‘jerk’ store. With so many great performances, Dabney Coleman, Alec Baldwin, and Gary Cole, when someone new throws their hat in the ring you look forward to what they will add to the classics. Melissa McCarthy is the latest name to throw that ring and she does so with authority by naming her movie “The Boss.”

Michelle Darnell (Melissa McCarthy) is definitely living life like a boss, as the first time we see her she is performing a high power show to a sold out arena. Darnell is a self-made millionaire, who grew up with no family. That only fueled her fire as she soon had everything she wanted. Her assistant is Claire (Kristen Bell), someone Darnell can’t live without, but doesn’t recognize that. Getting to where she is, Darnell has made enemies; one being Ranault (Peter Dinklage), and a former lover who tips off the Feds to some insider trading Darnell participated in. Darnell soon finds herself in jail, and after that, broke, as she loses everything. With nowhere to go, she ends up on Claire’s doorstep, where Claire reluctantly takes her in. While Darnell at first struggles with having nothing, she soon discovers an idea that could give her a way back to having it all again.

Coming off last years well-done “Spy”, McCarthy looked to have found her swagger she had from “Bridesmaids” back. Unfortunately what she found, again has gotten misplaced, as the funny moments in “The Boss” are not very plentiful. Written by Steve Mallory, McCarthy, and Ben Falcone, the later also directing lets the story fall on to many cliché moments instead of paving a new path. McCarthy meanwhile with her fiery red hair falls back on old habits, as she tries to push the limits with her mouth, as well as some physical comedy. The jokes in this film are a lot like a game of darts, if you throw enough a few are bound to hit at least near the target. While those hits make you feel good, with the majority hitting the wall, that good feeling is few and far between.

Another thing that is few and far between these days seems to be a good comedy, as most share more in common with “The Boss” then anything good. McCarthy has shown she can make films that are worth your time, but she also reminds us that she makes things that you wouldn’t make your enemy sit through. “The Boss” is not that bad, but is far from good. What you are left with is some laughs, a few smiles, and a lot of disappointment plus an even more uncomfortable Boss’s Day gift.

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