Finding Dory

June 17, 20165 min

There once was a man who has some advice on looking for things. He stated that when you were looking for something specific, your chances on finding it was bad, because of all the things in the world you were looking for only one of them. Where if you were looking for anything at all, the chances of finding them were good, because of all the things in the world, you were sure to find some of them. The man who said that was Daryl Zero, but since he is only a character in the movie “Zero Effect”, those words really belong to writer Jake Kasdan. I only bring it up, because with a movie with finding in the title, I thought it could be helpful if you are “Finding Dory”.

Thirteen years ago Marlin (Albert Brooks), who is a clown fish that is not very funny, lost his son Nemo (Hayden Rolence).With the help of Dory (Ellen DeGeneres), a fish who had short term memory problems, they were able to(spoilers) find Nemo. Now being a family, Dory and the clown fish duo, live a simple life, which is until Dory starts to remember her childhood. While these are not complete memories, they are enough to inspire her to travel to the place where she came from, in order to find her family. Along the way they lose things, make some new friends, and always find their way back to their true home. No matter if it is by land, sea, or air this family is always there for each other.

When it comes to sure bets for movies, the name Pixar is about a sure of bet as there is. While they have stumbled some (I am looking at you “Cars 2”), they still keep hitting the ball out of the park at a high rate. Most of the creative dips have come from their sequels not named “Toy Story, so another chapter in the “Finding Nemo” story might make you worry a little. The makers of “Dory” follow the “Toy Story” route and give us a natural feeling next chapter that is good as the first. Everything starts with the right voices when it comes to these films, and as usual Pixar knocks it out of the park. Joining DeGeneres and Brooks this time is Ed O’Neill as Hank the Octopus, Kaitlin Olson as Destiny, and Ty Burrell as Bailey. Also back for the second go around is writer and director Andrew Stanton who doesn’t miss a beat. While “Dory” might not have as many laugh out loud moments, when it does they involve some hilarious sea lions and a crazy looking bird named Becky. Where it lacks in laughs, the film pulls on your emotional chords a little more and pushing the cuteness factor with baby Dory and a bunch of cuddly sea otters. Thirteen years is a long time between movies, but as they say good things come to those who wait. I for one am glad I waited to take another adventure under the sea, because these movies are filled with heart and soul and makes it seem as though Pixar never completely lost their magic, they just had to remember how to find it.

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