July 3, 20205 min

Staring: Lin-Manuel Miranda, Phillipa Soo, Leslie Odom Jr.
Written by Lin-Manuel Miranda (Book) Ron Chernow (Inspired by book). Directed by Thomas Kail. Run Time 2h 40min

Five short years ago we lived in a world where the “ten dollar, founding father” was just a face on a bill in our wallets that helped us get the things we wanted. In that time the world has been caught in a storm that is Hamilton, the Broadway musical that was the creation of Lin-Manuel Miranda and would create a spectacle not seen in pop culture amid the barrage of Superhero flicks. So what do you do when you conquer the world and also sell over six million albums? Well you film your musical and release it in theaters of course, that is the only sensible thing to do. Things have changed even more drastically though because of what is happening in our world today, and now we all get a front row seat to the greatest musical of the last twenty years right from the comfort of our couches.

If you don’t know the story, my first thought would be to welcome you back from the island that you have been on, but then to introduce you to this wonder. Hamilton ( Lin- Manuel Miranda) is of course one of our founding fathers who you will learn rather quickly is the son of a whore and a Scotsman from some forgotten spot in the Caribbean. He worked hard and ingested books and made his way to America as the Revolutionary War was gaining traction. Hamilton not wanting to throw away his shot makes himself known and becomes a voice of the revolution. This is his story told in a way that entertains and helps you understand who he was all while making you stand agape a magnificent spectacle.

Going on to what the story is about almost feels like a waste, because me telling you doesn’t hold a candle to actually witnessing it firsthand. I was lucky enough to see Hamilton live and it moved me in ways I didn’t think a Broadway musical could. From the songs that are sung and the sets that are just eye popping, you don’t watch Hamilton, you live it. That is why it was the hottest thing on the planet for so long, it’s an experience that everyone should get to see live. I am sure there are people out there who will be unmoved by what they see, but I bet they are a small crowd, I mean who knew a history lesson could be so fun with a soundtrack that feels like a pop record that will have you singing along for days. Disney Plus has done a great thing here, due to current circumstances they forgo the theatrical experience and instead released the film version this holiday weekend for us to all see at home. A weekend where fireworks are common, but might be lacking this year, you can stay inside and watch the firework display that is Hamilton with your friends and family. Welcome to the movement and in this case the revolution will be televised.

Hamilton is currently streaming on Disney Plus

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